Supercharge Your Transit Recruitment With
The Power Of Media

Inspiration and Community Through Transit
Creating Awarness

Getting more of the right eyes on your transit agency

Giving transit the marketing platform it deserves

The Current World

Why Are Content and Connection Important To Recruiting?

Content marketing is important because it answers your canidates questions while helping you build trust. It helps develop relationships, improves hiring, and generates leads.

In today’s age, intersted parties expect high-quality, consistent content from their favorite brands

Bus Operators and Transit Are No Different

Our Services

All packages includes a dedicated account manager, creator team, outreach team an SEO optimized hiring page with quick apply, and free hosting at



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Build Awareness and Canidate Loyalty. Get more quality applicants with different campaigns and messaging every month

No Hidden Fee’s. No Salary Percentages. 



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Everything In Platinum With Full Management of The Nations Fastest Growing Social Platform TikTok



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A Dedicated Recruiter Content Creator Bus Operator and Trainer All Wrapped In One Supir

Represent Your Brand and Agency With a Fully Customizable Canidate Experience

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