Provide More Reliable Transit Service

Operate at Maximum Effeciency 100% Of The Time

By partnering with Supir, transit agencies can improve on time performance, reduce the impact of absenteeism decrease negative online reviews, improve public morale and save up to 15% on operational expenses

Perform Routine Maintenance without impacting core bus service

Schedule Supirs the day of or in advance for emergency or planned single tracking and other rail maintenance.

Consistent. Friendly. Reliable

Professional Transit Operators

Keep your cities moving

Fill long term or short operations shortages. Reduce wait times, restore blocks, and provide more consistent transit service.

Grow The Future Of Your Transit Operations

The Supir Academy is the nations only ecosystem specifically designed to develop, grow and advance Bus Operators


Reduce Cuts and Missed Reliefs

Reduce operational and training expenses by powering your agency with Supir. Allow us to tackle the small tasks so you can focus on the things that matter