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Inside you’ll find information related to the Go Supir 90-Day Accelerator for training and guidance on building a new career as a transit bus operator. Think of this service as a “college” for your new career choice. We’ll walk you through every stage of building a successful opportunity, and you’ll provide us the new talent so necessary to the continued growth and development of our great nation.

Our Accelerator, Supir
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What Is An Accelerator?

Accelerators are programs that traditionally work with startup companies to build their business from initial ideas to fully developed success. It is often utilized in the technology industry to get new businesses off the ground quickly. We have applied those same foundational ideas to acquiring new talent for the transit bus operator industry.

 Our Go Supir 90-Day Accelerator is broken down into 3 Essential Parts of training, education, and practical experience behind the wheel of a transit bus.

Part One: Training Wheels

This is a 3 day, 24-hour program that runs Wednesday to Friday. It connects new bus driver candidates with industry mentors and instructors. This course is an intensive, fast overview and roadmap of your state’s CDL Permit guidelines. In addition to using state curated material, Supir also references our own proprietary CDL training manual derived from Amazon’s #1 CDL training book titled: The 2022 CDL Study Guide This fantastic book features over 1,000 5-Star reviews.

Part Two: Accelerate

This is a 8 weeks training course that operates for 3-4 hours once a week by qualified and experienced instructors. Students will have the option of completing a morning, afternoon/evening time slot. Candidates will also be required to meet with their mentors once each week for an hour to go over the martial learned and make sure they are on track and succeeding. Courses taught during this time include:

Part Three: Go Supir!

This essential part of the accelerator is real-world, practical experience as a transit bus operator. Over the 7 weeks, candidates will cover the basic skills of driving business, parking, braking distance, and more. Courses taught during this time include:
Getting Started

Where Do I Begin

Clicking below will send you directly to our sign-up page. We are excited to hear about you and help you along this new career path. The more we can provide our cities and states with qualified talent, the more we improve our communities.

Our Accelerator, Supir
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We also offer staffing and direct hire recruitment services for those who need drivers in less than 90 days. Contact us below for more information

Our Accelerator, Supir

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