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Hi! I'm

Patrick Parents

I’m a bus operator recruitment and retention specialist. I am also the founder of

I use influential relationship marketing combined with over 10 years of behind the wheel experience to create and deploy effective hiring campaigns for transit agencies.



  • 10+ Years Of Accident Free Bus Operating
  • Only Operator In Company History To Work In Planning and Operations For Old and New Transit Network
  • No Customer Complaints
  • Morgan State Transportation Engineering Student Inc

  • Lead Content Contributor
  • Over 100+ Candidates Recruited For MegaBus, Baltimore County, The LOOP, Amazon, Apple Inc
  • 800,000 Views and Downloads
  • #1 Transit Operator Content Creator Linkedin
  • Featured in New York Times
  • Accelerate Baltimore Winner, Baltimore’s Best Entrepreneurs, 2020
  • Contributor at Google News

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Why Operators Won't Return To Transit

High salaries and great benefits havent been able to get operators back behind the wheel, why?

Why It's Time For Operators To Get Rid Of The Union

If operators want to save the sinking ship that is transit operations, maybe its time to consider tossing the union off the boat.

Bus Operators Don't Like Working For Contractors, Why?

Transportation contractors show drivers that they are viewed as a threat to the deal, not as a partner.

Hey, I’m Writing A Book!

The Plantation

Have you ever wondered why bus operators refer to bus depot’s as the plantation? I invite you to join me as I highlight equity, racism and how transit has helped perpetuate systematic oppression amongst public transit operators.

Release Date 7/7/22

Influence. Inform. Innovate

My Areas of


  • Improving Transit Culture Amongst Operators and Managers
  • Reduce New Candidate Churn
  • Modernize Operations With Younger Operators
  • Growth in Leadership Competency and Capacity
  • Enhanced Operator Health and Career Development

Personal Strategies

Recruitment driven by relationship marketing and advertising. Helping you hire operators by giving them a plan and purpose. The easiest way to retain operators is to help them develop and plan their career well before they get behind the wheel.

Workshops & Seminars

Growing culture by equipping operators with the tools and education to have a successful career on or off the bus.

Content Creation

Entertain, influence and educate your operators with transparent content. Easily digestible media on workplace issues, upcoming changes, and policies in a language your operators can understand

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