Helping Our Front Line Operators

We Support You While You Support Others

Drive Cities Forward

Get More Time Off

Supir supports transit systems by making sure they always have enough drivers. Meaning you can get time off when you need it. 

Utilize more personal days, get relieved more consistently and rest assured knowing that Supir has you covered.

We've Got Your Back

For Operators By Operators

Schedule Flexibility without seniority

Make more family events and enjoy a few more weekends off. Tag-out and pre-schedule a Supir to cover your shifts.

Enjoy the flexibility of freedom without having

Get a relief from your cell phone

Its never been easier for bus operators to find another bus operator.

Our Retiree Promise

Did you know by subscribing to Supir you help us create more  economic growth for our senior transit retirees? Our platform gives retirees the opportunity to get behind the wheel consistently without having to grind through a full time commitment.