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What if there was a way we could create Uber...just with bus drivers? Like...instead of sending a vehicle to a person what if we could send a person to a vehicle ..and that vehicle was a transit bus?

Patrick Parents |CEO

“Crazy thinking I know. My apologies for the non-professional “about us” section that most websites have. We could do that, I could do that here. However, instead of the politically correct jargon, I’d rather just be honest.

I love transit buses. Drove them for literally my entire adult life, started at 20 years old. I was driving buses before I could legally drink lol.

It was my first real career and I loved every bit of it. I spent 10 years on the front line and it was fun…but at times it wasn’t. I realized I loved driving the bus, but I didn’t like the scheduling. My life was gone, and as my family grew, I realized I had missed so much time with them.

There has to be a better way? Right?

Like…. the path to a better schedule cant be to just do 20 years and get better seniority? That can’t be the only option here? No way.

But it was.


So I found myself missing happy hours, missing moments with my boys. Having a normal life became challenging and frustrating at times. Why can’t I have a normal schedule like normal workers or normal people?  Why can’t I have mental health days? Why is taking time off so hard? Nearly impossible in certain instances.

Ok…..enough crying and complaining. How do we fix this? 

Let’s start with the problem

Well, what’s the problem?

The problem is the transit driver model is old and hasn’t evolved well.

 It was built in a time where this countries value system was built on long days, working super hard and like steel mills and sh**.

That may have been fine…in the ’80s and ’90s, but I began to realize millennials and people like me didn’t share these sentiments. I mean..look around you. The worlds different, it’s been changing for years but our model for bus operators hadn’t.

 Look around, we live in a time where a big portion of the world works in front of a bright 12-inch screen, hangs out  over facetime, and  goes to meetings without pants wearing earbuds….yeah

To fix Transit abroad we have to fix the model for the engine that drives it….. the operators. Things like Unions, CBA’s and health benefits aren’t necessarily deal sealers anymore. I know this because it wasn’t for me.

The next wave of operators value flexibility, freedom, time and the overall EXPERIENCE. Work can’t feel like work… it needs to be something more.

I don’t have the data so I won’t stand on a soapbox, but I believe this is why this generation isn’t interested in becoming bus drivers

You’d think in a generation when the fight for 15, college debt,  and unfair wages are front and center they’d be flocking to drive the bus.

I mean…transit will hire you….and pay you a lot more than a fair wage….. and give you benefits….but the next wave of operators just aren’t interested.

So how do we get them interested? 


We create a hipster-style startup. That puts things like freedom, time, and on-demand “gigs” at the forefront. 

We build developmental and educational ecosystems that grow operators past the bus driver’s seat, and into my CEO Seat.

We give current front line operators mental health days.

We lead the charge in making bi-lingual operators not the exception, but the standard!

We build a culture where cell phones aren’t viewed as evil…but viewed as weapons to help maximize operators’ talents!

We give schedulers and planners dedicated operators that can capture and evaluate data…from freaking driving!

We give agencies on -demand manpower to fill short term gaps and long term ones to make sure every bus goes out.


We give current transit operators more flexibility to take time off when they need it or when they want it!

We build a startup that focuses on building an experience for not just our operators but for the thousands of transit operators nationwide.

We bridge the gap between millennials and transit agencies by creating an employee model that meets the world where it is now…not where it was 50 years ago.

Let’s Build The Future.

Lets Go Drive

Lets Go Supir “

-Patrick Parents

About Us

Go Supir, inc is a black-owned Start-Up located In Baltimore Maryland that’s on a journey to make public transit Reliable again

145 W Ostend St Suite 600, Baltimore, MD 21230