Our Mission

To Connect More Humans To Great Jobs

About us

Supir was built on a dream to upskill motivated individuals with professional bus-driving expertise, and lend this skill into the space where it is seriously lacking - the transit industry. Founded by Patrick Parents, Supir’s inspiration comes from a story of resilience, a willingness to learn, and the love of helping people get from point a to point b.
“From a young teen, I knew I wanted a sustainable, independent life that I loved but more importantly could afford. With limited options for someone with no secondary education, only the transit industry presented that opportunity for me. Despite me possessing zero driving skills at the time. This didn’t put me down; instead, it fueled the fire that helped me persevere through hurdles and challenges along the way. And with a patient trainer and mentor guiding me, transit helped me live my dream life and changed my entire career trajectory. For close to a decade, I excelled in my transit job, building more experience ,relationships and refining my skills. In 2020, I decided to spread my wings and reach a broader audience with just how cool I thought driving a bus could be. I left my transit job to establish Supir. A company focused on connecting people with transit jobs...an industry that helped save my life.
Patrick Parents
Founder/Transit Operator
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Head office

145 West Ostend Steet, Suite 600 Baltimore MD 866-787-4707

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