5 Reasons You Should Be A Transit Operator in 2022


Hard to believe that I’ve been a Mass Transit Operator for practically a decade now! I had alot more hair back then and was a bit of a ladies man. Nowadays that’s not the case, however I am a happy father and husband whose has a great middle class life all in the name of driving a bus.

I gotta say, I think it’s one of  the best job in the world. The great outweighs the bad, no two days are ever the same, it has great benefits, and it’s outright fun in my opinion.

 Being a Bus Operator isn’t a job it’s a lifestyle and here are 5 reasons why I think you should want to be one.

 Easy To Get In

Growing up, we were told that the way to “make it” was high school, college then a long-standing career. The only problem with this is the extreme debt that comes with college!

In all honesty there were people I attended college with back in my younger years, and they’re still paying off debt! By the time they finished school at 22–23, I was already making upwards of $50,000 a year. Not to mention I’ve always said CDL stands for College Degree License anyway.  But what makes transit stand out  when compared to other professions is it’s practically free to get in.

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Most major city transit agencies are run by way of that State’s DOT, (Department of Transportation) because of this, they are in most cases allowed to train you, administer your CDL test, and grant you the license.

 All you’re typically required to do is to gain the CDL permit, which will allow you to legally train for the license.

Jobs Jobs and More Jobs!

You can literally go anywhere you want in the world, and find a job in a short period of time once you have a little bus experience under your belt.
Not to mention your license has vehicle flexibility.  Let me elaborate, maybe big city transit isn’t your thing? Ok, cool, there are countless options in front of you too! School Buses, Motor Coach, Private Shuttle, Para-transit, Limos, and the list goes on.
Most people have to live where they work, as a transit operator, you have the luxury of working where you choose to live.

The Secret brotherhood of Transit Operators

Now, we don’t have a secret underground cave but we do have a small list of unwritten rules that allow us to stick together and look out for each other off the record.

Things like free rides and discounts come to mind. Let me give you an example, a few years back I rode Greyhound to Pittsburgh from Baltimore.  The driver had more than enough room on his bus, and allowed me to ride for free.  In return I pay it forward for another driver,  and that driver pays it forward for another driver. Transit fraternity knows no jurisdiction or mode. It doesn’t matter what you drive, fly, or sail we have a code to look out for one another regardless of uniform or location.

This can be a great asset to those who love to travel or don’t want to own a vehicle.


Health Insurance

Ok, simply put — health care is expensive.  I’m asthmatic, I would know.

Plans, premiums, and copay’s can be confusing after a while, not in transit.  Major agencies carry The State’s health plan. Which is cheap and only comes with small copays and ridiculously low paycheck deductions. I don’t think people understand just how valuable this is! Without insurance my asthma pumps are about $700

With the constant political changes, and rising health care costs, having good insurance plan is one of the smartest bets you can have. I won’t get into my exact numbers, but what I will say is that my family and I have been provided great health resources and all I’ve had to do was drive. 

Not a bad deal right?

Health is a big part of your job, and your body is an asset. It has to be kept as close to 100% as possible. Things like rehab, mental health resources, physical therapy, and more are all usually provided by your employer for free.

Inflation, and Cost of Living Increases

 Did you know its in most union contracts that operators get a cost of living increase? That means if the economy inflates, so does your pay rate. To put this in perspective, when I joined the MDOT MTA, the top pay for a bus operator in 2010 was $24 an hour. Top pay this present day is $33 an hour, that’s a %27 percent increase!
5 Reasons You Should Be A Transit Operator in 2022

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