Top Transit Salaries Near Baltimore

One of the coolest things about Baltimore is that it’s in the middle of Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Virginia, and even The rest of Maryland.

(For those who don’t live here, and could be wondering why I mentioned Baltimore and Maryland separately….  It’s Baltimore is its own State within a State lol)

Anywho! This allows for quick travel between the regions I mentioned above which is great for job opportunities. At one point in time, I had lived in Emigsville Pennsylvania, while working in Baltimore City, and lived in Baltimore City while working in Northern Virginia. I say this to say that expanding opportunities by way of geography is more than doable while living here.

While we are on the topic, here are the top 5 bus operator salaries In the Baltimore Area 

Rabbit Transit, soon to be a part of a bigger central Pennsylvanian transit effort tackles the York portion of transportation for the state of Pennsylvania. With starting wages around $20 an hour it’s more than a livable wage for York county where the median income is about $18,000 for an individual per year.

Not to mention though York City may geographically qualify as one, it doesn’t have nearly the level of hustle and bustle some of the other agencies we’ll talk about later in this post.

To apply for Bus Operator Rabbit Transit, Click Here


I spent some time working for ART in 2020, and to this day, it is still the most beautiful place I’ve ever driven. It’s Hipsterville with a futuristic New York approach once you get to Rosslyn. With sights like the Pentagon and a brand new Amazon HQ on the way, ART has a clear benefit that most agencies don’t. It’s a beautiful place to drive.

Not to mention Northern VA has decent winters compared to Baltimore and York. It’s probably the closest you can get to perfect climate in this portion of the country. 

Getting to ART from anywhere in Maryland is pretty easy as it’s accessible by train. When I worked here, my transit commute was about 90 minutes and the drive was about 60. This isn’t too bad considering I was traveling from Baltimore to Virginia which is technically 2 states away.

To apply for ART, Click here

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Ride on is the primary transit system for Montgomery County and its surrounding suburbs. As a Ride On operator you’ll enjoy traveling through some of Marylands wealthiest counties such as Silver Spring and Bethesda. 

The training period is for an average duration of 4-5 months until either the trainee completes all training requirements or a vacancy occurs.  The first 6 weeks are in a class room setting and hours are typically 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., with some night time training from 1:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.  Trainees then report to their assigned depot and will begin to drive passengers.  Once assigned to a depot, hours will vary.  Bus Operators are provided uniforms and paid full time at an annual salary of $41,971.00 (20.18 per hour),  per hour), during the training period.

To apply for Ride On Click Here

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Covering most of the Baltimore Metro area, MDOT MTA is one of the county’s largest transit agencies. Having fixed-route transit, commuter runs, tri-state commuter train, light rail, heavy rail, and paratransit. With multiple modes, it’s clear that MTA knows how to get around.

 Did you know that MTA actually has a train that goes to West Virginia?

 I wrote a post some time ago proclaiming that MDOT MTA has the best bus wrap in the country and I still stand by that. However not only are the wraps cool, but the buses themselves are top of the line. 

MDOT has added new buses to the fleet nearly every year for the past decade with more to come as part of its NOVA Bus deal. To put that into perspective, MDOT has added buses to the fleet every year from 2008-2021 with the exception being 2015.

MTA’s competitive advantage is its ability to train and license its own drivers. Back in my day ( I feel old saying that) you could actually be hired with a normal driver’s license. In other words…they will literally pay you to give you a CDL it’s the best deal in town.

To apply for MDOT MTA , Click here

So here’s the thing about WMATA, they are technically DC’s transit system. Hence the name Washington Metro Area Transit Authority, but they cover more square miles in MD and Va. Here’s another fun fact, WMATA is the only transit company on this list that has a bus that travels to all of the major metros in the DMV, including Baltimore! With the addition of the Silver and Purple trains, WMATA is probably the fastest-growing transit agency in the United States right now, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.

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