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Supir is here to provide quality educational resources, job openings, and training accelerators for people interested in the rewarding career of public transportation. Our bus operator candidates receive all the current industry knowledge, qualifications, and credentials to legally perform their bus driving duties. In addition, we match our fantastic new candidates with potential cities, municipalities, agencies, and job postings to help them find career placement.

Bus Operator Training and Staffing, Supir
Welcome to Go Supir!

Why Accelerate Transit Drivers?

Even before the global pandemic, the United States was going through a severe commercial driver shortage. Currently, there are 67,000 driving job positions open, and that number is expected to grow to 330,000 by the end of 2024 and nearly 1,000,000 by 2030. The backbone of moving people and goods around our great country is built on the capability and logistical knowledge of well-trained bus operators.


The reason there is such a shortage of bus drivers is due in part to the current culture. Long hiring processes and a gap in talent acquisition have led most employers to overtax their existing workforce or request veterans come out of retirement to meet demand.


This is where Supir can help. We want to grow and disrupt the current industry by becoming the national standard for bus operator education and development. The industry is losing drivers faster than it can train new, young, and eager human talent. Without making a change soon, we will see less and less capability of our public transit systems which will cripple our national economy.


Imagine a world where nurses cannot get to hospitals in time for their shift. Construction workers cannot be there to build homes. Food and service works are left without the ability to provide the service we all rely upon. Bus drivers help the workforce stay in business because we are essential.

Bus Operator Training and Staffing, Supir
Bus Operator Training and Staffing, Supir

What Is The Solution?

We believe in the power of human connections. The welcome smile from your local bus operator as you step inside and relax before reaching your next destination. We have worked hard to create programs and educational resources that help train and develop new bus operators.


Beyond the job openings listed, community connections, and educational resources, we at Supir are proud to offer the Go Supir Accelerator for new bus driver candidates. This is a 90-day program can turn any individual into a world-class bus operator. Our program provides mentorship, career guidance, and trains drivers on current and new procedures to handle the challenges of bus routes, weight management, staying healthy on the road, and much more. We help the prospective driver learn the career and empower them to grasp the new possibilities offered by a reliable, well-earned paycheck.


We partner with local, state, and national transit agencies to create a flow of newly trained bus operators for their openings. Our end goal is to be the gold standard of training new drivers seek out, and agencies rely upon for a steady talent that will rebuild the backbone of transporting America.

Jumpstart your future

Looking to become a bus operator?

Are you interested in learning about our Go Supir Accelerator? Then, click the link below to receive information on how our 90-day program can  everyday citizens to fully trained bus operators seeking gainful employment. Your future starts with a click of the button!

Bus Operator Training and Staffing, Supir
Bus Operator Training and Staffing, Supir
Bus Operator Training and Staffing, Supir
Our Why

About Supir

Our founder created Supir to give back to the industry that helped give him a brand new life. At the young age of 20, he worked multiple jobs only making minimum wage with no prospects at college or a better future. Facing a shortage of possible opportunities, he had the fateful introduction to the career of transit work by a close friend.


After grinding through training and having to adjust to a new industry he finished top of his class and entered a new career. After working as a bus operator, service planner, and bus scheduler for over a decade he saw the fantastic opportunity and potential to help others improve their quality of life through transit as he did.

That’s when he decided to create Supir and the Go Supir accelerator, a revolutionary 90 day program that creates high-level professional bus operators from scratch.

By 2021 Supir would have a database of over 10,000 prospective drivers and was featured in The New York Times for innovative businesses that built in the middle of a pandemic. 



Bus Operator Training and Staffing, Supir
Bus Operator Training and Staffing, Supir

Why Is Public Transportation Important

At its deepest roots, the majority of people that ride on the bus are “captive riders.” They cannot afford the luxury of a car or work in an environment where owning a car makes logical sense. Instead, they rely heavily on their local bus transportation system, developing friendships with the drivers and building communities of like-minded commuters and travelers.


When this industry experiences a shortage, it hurts the working class and those who rely on public transportation for employment, food, seeing family and receiving support services. It hurts the single mom who needs to visit the doctor with her young child. It hurts the proud Grandfather who wants to deliver a gift to his granddaughter. It hurts the father of three working two jobs to give them a better life. It hurts our economy and the American spirit.


There is good news, Supir can offer a solution. Transit, when done right, provides a better quality of life and enables economic development for drivers, riders, and the cities they operate within. Building a solid program to help those interested earn upwards of a six-figure salary creates a ripple effect that spreads around the community of our friends, family, coworkers, and future leaders.

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